As discussed – my experience is nothing to shake a stick at, so to speak… I’ve been involved in IT, directly and indirectly, for about 10 years. My first work experience in IT was setting up the multi-user office that my parents were using to run their business out of. Configuring mail servers, file servers, and multi-user access was a treat in Windows XP days (and without having finished my diploma!).

From here I jumped to installing and managing a 6 person office located at Powell’s Body Shop and Towing, INC. I managed the infrastructure as well as all of the PCs (it was me and 10 computers, a wireless network, 5 printers, and a PA system). I still manage the office, but as it’s grown so too have the demands. We now have a functional domain in place with multi-user access, a more robust wireless infrastructure, synchronized email systems, and a comprehensive backup solution. 

After my high school diploma was obtained I moved to Pocatello to begin my collegiate experience. I began working the in the University computer lab as a manager. In this role I was more of a leader than a technician, but I was heavily involved in setup/configuration/troubleshooting as well. As a side job I began managing the Pocatello Free Clinic’s network as well. They were using outdated technology, hardware, and there was no backup solution in place. Within a few years this was upgraded to a functional domain and the integration of Office365 and Azure to manage email, calendaring, file storage, and backups. 

Fast forward to now, I’ve finished my degree at ISU and I have been working at Portneuf Medical Center as the senior field technician. This position put me on the front line of troubleshooting many various issues; allowing me to put my knowledge of server operating systems, Group Policies, and network administration to use. In addition to these skills, however, I was able to expand upon my critical thinking and problem solving capabilities as well.